When will I be charged for my order?
You will be charged at the time the order is placed.
Do you offer exchanges or refunds?
Yes! Please contact us if you are not satisfied with your purchase and we will work together to get it resolved. However, in case of damage during shipment, please reach out to USPS and submit a claim. Everyone's Boutique, is not responsible for lost or stolen packages; and in this case, please contact USPS and submit a claim. We kindly ask that prior to contacting us, please supply us with the proper claim information. For additional information, please click here!
Do you ship overseas or to PO Boxes?
Unfortunately, at this time, we do not currently ship overseas. We do, however, ship to PO Boxes located in the United States.
How can I track my order?
Once your order has been fulfilled, you will receive an email with tracking information. In addition, you will received notifications once your order is out for delivery and once your order has been delivered. 
How long will it take for my order to arrive?
Orders ship within 5 - 7 business days and usually take 1 - 3 days to arrive via USPS depending on your shipping location.
How long will my candle last before I use it?
Everyone's Boutique makes it's candles with 100% Natural Coconut-Soy Wax. Therefore, our candles actually get better the longer they cure (sit before lighting it). So, your candle will be fine to sit, even if you decide not to use until 7 months later!
Do you have customer service?
Absolutely! I would love to hear from you and answer any questions that you have. Please contact us at support@everyonesboutique1@gmail.com if you need any assistance.
How fragrant is your line of candle scents?
Everyone's Boutique makes it's candle with 100% Natural Coconut-Soy Wax. Therefore, with this particular blend, it is designed to achieve a stronger scent throw (more so than just with Soy Wax alone). However, our candle will not give the same fragrant scent throw as it would if we used paraffin, paraffin-blend waxes that includes other additives. In a medium to large space (bedroom, office, kitchen, living room), you will achieve a nice scent.
Why does my candle wick have a black "mushroom" shape after burning?
All of our wicks burn with a slight curl which creates a self-trimming effect with minimal carbon buildup (mushrooming), reduced smoking, and a stable flame.
Did I answer your question? If not, please let me know by reaching out to me at support@everyoneboutique1@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you!
Thank you!